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About us

Corporate Profile

Aspires to lead the diverse pharmaceutical industry market with PCD Pharma Franchise business and Third-Party Manufacturing services with an unmatched record on quality, innovation, and consistency.

Novalab Lifecare, Proudly serving human healthcare since 2016, we have come a long way to make a mark in the healthcare industry. We bring value to all stages of the pharmaceutical value chain, including development, manufacturing, and successful marketing. Today, through the merits of elegant packaging of products, quality, timely services, and innovation, we have created the benchmark in pharmaceutical industry.

Novalab Lifecare is guided by “Mr. Pankaj Aggarwal”, who has vast experience in the pharmaceutical industry. His skillful leadership has given us a prominent position in this extremely focused business. The company deals in PCD Pharma Franchises and Third-Party Manufacturing Services with a significant growth presence in India. Our comprehensive, diverse, and highly complementary portfolio includes Tablets, Capsules, Soft Gel Capsules, Syrups, Dry Syrup, Injections, IV Range, and Herbal Range for all major therapeutic areas. For the manufacturing of these products, the firm collaborates with numerous strategic manufacturing partners situated in India, and we are continually working to ensure that our products are manufactured with the best quality and at affordable pricing.

Novalab Lifecare follows a well-established process to select products based on internal criteria to determine which product categories are being considered. Novalab Healthcare is not limited to the blockbuster product; However, Novalab Healthcare is open to new products in niche-oriented segments, complex formulations and areas where the products are particularly strategic.

Director’s message

To succeed, one needs hard work with strategy, foresight and ambition. Success for a company means growth with high-quality the operation led to a pharma company where each medicine is manufactured in favor of fitness and well-being.

Understanding the responsibility on the shoulders of each member of our team, we became one of the most competitive companies in the industry with a focus on efficiency in operations and superior quality in product reliability for customers. 

PCD Pharma Franchise

We, Novalab Lifecare, are India’s fastest-growing PCD Pharma Franchise Company. Our best-in-class manufacturing facility with WHO and GMP-certified plants is established in Ponta Sahib, Himachal Pradesh. Our spacious production unit gives our product ranges a chance to reach millions around the globe. We welcome all individuals to take up the franchise business model across the country. We offer all the possible help to ensure our franchise becomes successful in the shortest possible time and is a part of our growing organization. We offer Monopoly business rights to all our associates. We offer a business with no competition in your location. Currently, the company operates throughout India. It plans to expand internationally over the next few decades.

A Quality-Conscious Organization

Novalab Lifecare does not compromise the quality of its products. We follow international quality standards to produce solid, semi-solid, or liquid medicines. We adhere to all GMP and WHO standards. The quality team is constantly monitored from start to finish. This helps us maintain our quality. The packaging process is designed to be leak proof and meets the requirements of healthcare medicine customers.

Professional Team

 Novalab Lifecare employs only the most qualified professionals from all over the world. We have a well-experienced, skilled, and trained workforce at every stage of our development who offers better healthcare services. We can offer a platform to deliver strong growth in today’s changing healthcare system with the right skills, resources, support, and our support network.

Innovation and scientific excellence!

We are dedicated to the highest standards of innovation and excellence. Our research is committed to improving health and quality of life. Continuous innovation is a key part of our business. We aim to address the most urgent needs of our customers and patients.

  • Embraces scientific excellence.
  • Highest standards of integrity.

Our Strategy

Simple solutions to complex problems are the cornerstone of Novalab Lifecare’s business philosophy. Our strategy of developing products based on well-known substances with an improved value to patients results in a product portfolio with significant market potential. We accomplish this with a fast development period, little risk, and limited investment.

  • Being a knowledge-based, innovative and competitive player in the market
  • Strengthen value in the product portfolio through quality products 
  • Establish and maintain a global supply chain of first-class quality.

Our Mission & Vision

We are committed to improving patients’ health for the benefit of future generations. Our mission is to supply high-quality items at reasonable prices while adhering to latest marketing trends.

Our mission is to be a leading pharmaceutical firm in India and a significant worldwide player by offering high-quality, economical, and innovative treatment and medication options.

The aim of the Company is

  • We aim to achieve customer satisfaction in terms the product quality.
  • To improve service levels through continuous communication with suppliers
  • To reduce defects and errors to make the company more adaptable to our customers’ needs.
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