If you are thinking of starting an allopathic medicines franchise, you must select your pharma franchise company carefully. Apart from this, you must have the initial investment, know about allopathic medicines, and have a marketing plan in place to succeed. Do remember that the pharmaceutical industry is highly regulated, and you’ll need to comply with local laws and regulations.

There is no doubt that Novalab is a leading allopathic medicines pharma franchise in India at present. Our company is reputed for its high-quality medicines, easy terms of business, international certifications and the zeal to excel in the pharma sector. We have an extensive range of allopathic medicines as discussed below.

1. Antacid tablets and syrups

Individuals often suffer from heartburn which can develop in the throat, and sometimes in the chest. This burning sensation is common and happens to be a symptom of indigestion that can result in abdominal discomfort and bloating. Being a top-notch allopathic medicines pharma franchise in India, Novalab supplies this medication for easing discomfort and pain caused by indigestion, heartburn, as well as acid reflux by neutralising the acid present in the stomach. There is a huge demand for antacid medications, both tablets and syrups.

2. Enzymes

Enzymes play a crucial role in various biochemical processes, and their deficiency can lead to disorders known as enzyme deficiencies. There are digestive enzyme supplements as well that help in improving digestion and help with problems, such as acid reflux and indigestion. Enzymes are also used to treat irritable bowel syndrome, pancreas issues, and more. Enzymes are also accustomed to helping in digestion, supplementing the natural lipase, amylase, and protease generated by the pancreas. Enzymes can also help to break internal blood clots and dissolve the hardening of the blood vessel walls. To lead an allopathic medicines pharma franchise in India, you must include enzyme medications by Novalab in your catalogue. 

3. Liver medications

Liver tonics and medication are used to support the health of the liver by enhancing the ability of the organ to filter toxins and regenerate healthy cells. Apart from this, they support, detox, and repair the function of various organs like the pancreas, kidney, liver, and gallbladder. As a well known allopathic medicines pharma franchise in India, Novalab supplies top-quality liver tablets and syrups.

4. Gynae medications

At Novalab allopathic medicines pharma franchise in India, you can procure and sell a range of medicines for women’s health. These medications are used to treat various female problems like hormonal imbalances, reproductive health issues, PCOS, menopause issues and gynaecological disorders. By partnering with Novalab Pharma Franchise, you can market a range of quality gynaecological medications while benefiting from our guidance and training to promote them. 

5. Cough medications

Those starting a pharma franchise must surely sell cough medications as their demand is huge. Associate with Novalab pharmaceutical company to distribute and sell a range of cough medicines, including herbal and ayurvedic syrups, with advanced formulations that help to relieve cough symptoms. Marketing and supplying cough medications like cough syrups, lozenges, and tablets is a great way to make a profit. Contact Novalab allopathic medicines pharma franchise in India to know about our complete product list. 

6. Heart Medications

Many individuals are battling with cardiac problems and the demand for effective heart medications is huge. As a leading allopathic medicines pharma franchise in India, Novalab has a range of medications for cardiac issues and for preventing strokes and heart ailments. Our company is enterprising and thus we constantly work towards adding new and improved medications for treating cardiovascular issues. Contact the Novalab allopathic medicines pharma franchise to learn about our cardiac products list.

7. Diabetes

Cases of diabetes are rising immensely and even the young generation is not spared. The reasons are sedentary lifestyle, wrong eating habits and heredity. As a pharma franchise, it certainly makes sense to market diabetes medications as their need and demand is immense. At Novalab allopathic medicines pharma franchise in India, we have a wide range of diabetes medications, both tablets and injections.

8. Female Uterine Tonic

Female Uterine Tonic is a medication utilized for treating gynaecological conditions, uterine disorders, menstrual irregularities, abdominal distress, abdominal pain, as well as other conditions. At Novalab allopathic medicines pharma franchise in India, we manufacture and supply female  uterine tonics to our franchisees across India. These tonics ensure the good health of females by nourishing, cleansing, and strengthening their entire system. It serves the purpose of nutritional supplementation as well as therapeutic management.

Why Novalablifecare is the Best Allopathic Medicines Pharma Franchise in India?

Novalab Lifecare has a reputation for providing top-quality medications for various health issues like diabetes, heart medications, gynae problem medications, cough and cold medications, herbal medicines, derma products, ENT drops, pediatric medicines, protein powders and more. Novalablifecare is known for its commitment to top-quality pharma products to stay ahead of the competition. You can benefit immensely by becoming our franchisee as we offer good profit margins, have high-quality products, and a streamlined supply chain ensuring timely delivery.

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